Off the Shelf Companies

Ready Made

Below a list of ready made Limited Companies available for you to purchase immediately. If you wish to benefit from an incorporation date before today you can purchase one of these. Alternatively we can register one in your name today for you.

Contact us for more information and to purchase one of the below today.

To make it easier, we can take the information we need from you over the phone.

Company Name Registered In Incorp Date Price
TRIGGER 50 LIMITED England & Wales 29/03/2017 £125.00
GREAT VALUE CONSULTANCY England & Wales 03/04/2017 £125.00
SUCCESS #UP & COMING England & Wales 02/05/2017 £125.00
12 MONTHS LIMITED England & Wales 07/07/2017 £125.00
24/7 SAFETY LTD England & Wales 07/07/2017 £125.00