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Non-UK Based Directors

Register a UK Ltd Company from outside of the UK

UK companies can be registered, owned and operated outside of the UK, regardless of where you live and the industry in which you trade. The process is simple, inexpensive and can be organised quickly and remotely. This makes UK companies very accessible for international trade.

Included in our international registration packages:

  • UK Company Registration with certification
  • Business Address in London
  • UK Corporation Tax, VAT and Accounting advice
  • Dedicated Company Consultant in UK
  • UK Telephone Number (referral)
  • Company Maintenance
  • Company documents sent via DHL

No need for anyone to visit the UK, our Company registration service takes only a few hours and can all be done online.

You choose the name of your company, as long as it’s available and acceptable, we can help with this (or use our name checker on the home page). The company can have as many Directors and Shareholders as you like, regardless of where they live. As long as you have at least one person as a Director and Shareholder you can also have corporate Directors and Shareholders too.

Upon completion of the registration, documentation will be produced, some sent via email then all hard copies sent by DHL and your tracking number emailed to you.

Extend your UK presence with our Office Services

The Registered Office of the company has to be in the UK and must be a physical address, not a PO Box. We will provide you with a Registered Office address in London and Mail Forwarding services. We'll then forward mail on to you.

UK telephone number for the business will be included, for this there is a monthly charge payable to our partner company. The calls can be diverted to a number of your choice or answered for you if you wish.

Tax, Accounts and Annual Obligations

The company will have to pay UK Corporation Tax on any profit it makes, VAT needs to be considered too. Annually, accounts need completing and submitting to both HMRC and Companies House, along with other Annual Returns.

As part of our packages, we'll have an accountant on tap for you to speak to who could complete your legal obligations for you.

Business Bank Accounts (outside of the UK)

The company will have to have a business bank account to receive company money. You can choose where and which bank you prefer. It does not have to use a UK bank account.

Business Bank Account (in the UK)

You can open an account with a UK High Street Bank, with all the officers being outside the UK, However, you will have to come to the UK to meet with the UK bank and show your ID.

The account can usually be operated remotely once up and running.

The options are greater if you have an officer named on the company who lives in the UK, most banks are more accepting of a UK/non-UK mix. All will still have to visit and Identify themselves at a branch of the Bank in the UK.

Open a Business Bank Account outside the UK:

If you're going to open a bank account outside the UK for the company, then you will need certified and legalised documentation. We can provide this.

Allowing your customers to pay with a credit or debit card:

Take credit and debit cards over the phone, through the company's website or with the customer present.

For this you need two facilities: 1) a Merchant Account and 2) a Card Payment Terminal (face to face), Virtual Terminal (over the phone) or Payment Gateway (through a website).

We can help .. please ask

International Pack

UK Limited Company Registration with registration number
Registered Office & Business Address in London, England
Company Document: Apostille for opening a bank account outside of UK- sent by DHL
Company Document: Digital version of the Certificate of Incorporation - emailed
Company Document: Digital copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association - emailed
Company Document: Original Certificate of Incorporation - sent by DHL
Company Document: Original of the Memorandum & Articles of Association - sent by DHL
Company Document: Statutory First Board Minutes - sent by DHL
Company Document: Share Certificates for each Shareholder - sent by DHL
FREE Tax & Accounting and annual legal obligation consultation
FREE eGuide - 'Where Do I Start?' helping you set up your business in the UK
FREE UK Business Telephone Number (introduction)


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