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A Dormant Company

A Dormant or non trading Company

A Dormant and trading company are set up in exactly the same way. A company only becomes either officially dormant or trading when the first confirmations statement or accounts are filed at the end of the first year.

There is requirement to use the company either straight away or at all. As long as a confirmation statement and accounts are filed to Companies house and HMRC are notified every 12 months then that’s all that needs to happen.

The company can be left not trading for a years and years if you wish. What this does mean is that the name of the company is protected from anyone else using it as their ltd company name. This is the main advantage. Or perhaps you are intending to trade with it in the future and want to organise all the setup and admin now. This is absolutely fine.

Setting up a company intended to be dormant, we’d suggest our most basic, Seed package. We can file your Confirmation Statement and Dormant Accounts every 12 months if you ask us to. Companies House will send a reminder to your registered office when these are due.

Dormant Accounts

A Limited company has to file annual accounts with both Companies House and HMRC.

If the company hasn’t traded then you file Dormant Accounts with Companies House rather than active ones, when the accounts are due. Also you can change the business activity code (SIC code) to a ‘Dormant’ code when filing your confirmation statement with Companies house, also at 12 months. This will then show on the company’s public record the activity is ‘Dormant’

We here at Ltd-Companies can help with the filing of dormant accounts at Companies house and annual confirmation statement.

Dormant accounts are filed with HMRC if the company has never traded, so no transactions show on the business bank account. To file these accounts you will need your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number, company number and authentication code.

Contact us 01233 226220 if you have a company already and you wish to discuss either the confirmation statement or dormant accounts.


To register a dormant company, choose the ‘Seed’ Package