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Closing your company

A limited company is a legal entity and as such to close the company down there are set procedures and regulations to follow. Ltd Companies will complete a Companies house issue form and forward to you for signatures of all directors.

As Companies house requires original hand written signatures we request this form to be sent back to us in the post so we can complete the application and return to Companies House.

Please note: If not already dealt with then please deal with any of the assets of the company i.e. close any bank accounts and transfer any domain names. Once your company is dissolved, all the remaining assets will pass to the Crown (including any bank balances). Also please inform HMRC of the dissolution of your company.

Companies House will send you a letter advising that they have received an application to dissolve/ strike off your company. The request for your company to be struck off will be published as a notice in your local gazette.

If nobody objects, the company will be struck off the register once the 2 months mentioned in the notice has passed.

A second notice will be published in the Gazette - this will mean the company won’t legally exist anymore (it will have been ‘dissolved’).

You can follow the progress of this by logging into to the companies house website and checking in the filing history for updates.