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Director Privacy

Director's Service Address

The record of all UK Ltd Companies held at Companies House is public information.

Each company record will show enough information about the company for company structure to be transparent. This means the Directors and Secretary (if there is one) of the company is public information and accessible online to anyone who looks your company up.

Companies House ask for a public or ‘Service Address’ as they call it for each officer and this is the address that will show.

If you do not wish for your home address to be made public for nothing more than the nuisance it may cause, you can use our London, Regent Street W1 address for a small monthly fee. This can be selected as you are going through our online registration process.

You can use this for as many officers as you wish and is usually useful when you are using us for the Registered Officer Service too.

We have a package called ‘Privacy’, this will provide you with an alternative to your home address as the registered office address and one directors address as part of the package.


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To register your Company with Director Privacy, choose the 'Privacy' Package