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Company Secretary

Your Company Secretary

The journey you are starting when you set up a new business is both exciting and at times bewildering.

We know this first hand and do what we can to help you go through the first couple of years, staying in tune with you and what you might need.

We have built our business by listening to you, and have hand picked some partners to be able to offer the best and most trustworthy services for your new business.
At the Start
Business Plan Template

FREE Download!
Online Invoicing

Quite happy to write your own invoices? Use NumberJuice, it's quicker and dead easy! It has a great little report section too so you can see who's paid and who still owes you what!
VAT Registration

If sales for your business are going to exceed £82,000.00 then it will have to be VAT registered. We can do it for you.
Annual Returns and Accounts

The legal obligations of a Company Director. Don't let your company accidentally drop off the register - stay legal and up to date
Accounting Services
Employ the services of an experienced accountant to help you run and manage your company correctly and efficiently.
Intellectual Property

Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyright. Call us on 01233 226 220 or email us team@ltd-companies.co.uk and we will arrange a FREE consultation.
Office Services
Registered Office Services

We have a number of offices in the UK that you can use as the Registered Office for your company
Nominee Company Secretary

Manage your company more efficiently with our Company Secretary service.
MasterCard Account

100% Guaranteed Acceptance. Business bank account with lower fees than the High Street and everyone is accepted. Use instead of or as well as a High Street Business Account.
Mobile Payment Card Processing Facility

SumUp - mobile MasterCard processing

Online Accounting. A revelation in simplicity. Accounting for Startups

Please click here if there is anything else you'd like us to talk to you about. We will always help where we can and open to new ideas and suggestions. We're here to help you, for the start of your new business journey!

Look forward to speaking with you.

The Ltd-Companies Team