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Business Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts for UK based Directors


Special fast track application.

  • We have a partnership with Barclays to fast-track your business account application.

  • Free banking for 12 months, then package choices.

  • You will be appointed a local business manager.

  • App to manage account.

  • All the facilities you’d expect with a big High Street bank.

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Anna Money

Open a business account. In seconds!

  • Get an Instant Sort Code and Account Number

  • ANNA Money gives you a virtual card you can use instantly and a Mastercard debit card.

  • We can help with your banking, invoicing and accounting

  • 24/7 award-winning UK-based customer service

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EXPRESS application,
no current COVID 19 related delays

Anna Card

Get it with your Company. No waiting!

Award Winner.   Powered by Mastercard.   'Top Challenger Bank' '

We open your account together with your Company Registration.

  • No credit checks

  • Instant transfers

  • Business 'iDraft' available

  • Integrates with accounting software

  • No monthly fees – just £69 annually

  • 1.9 million + cards issued

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Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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