Same Day & Express Company Registration

"I need It today"

Working with Companies House electronically we will register the ltd company for you. This typically takes 3 or 4 working hours, but we tend to say allow a day to be comfortable.

The speed of registration depends on the volume of companies being registered in the UK that day. If you’re in a real hurry for it, you can pay a little extra for a ‘guaranteed same day’ service.

This will mean your company is guaranteed to be registered before close of business that day if you successfully complete your order before 14:30. It also, in effect, puts you at the front of the queue so not only is it guaranteed that day, it’s also often (but not guaranteed to be) handled in only an hour! You can select this option as you’re going through the online order with us.

Your Company Registration Number and Certificate of Incorporation will be emailed to you by us upon successful incorporation, before close of business (usually 18:00).

You can choose this option as you go through the online order process.

On the same day, you will receive confirmation of your new Limited Company's:

  • Registration Number

  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation.

You can select this during the company registration

We work with:

Companies House
Chamber of Commerce