Dormant Accounts

Companies House Dormant Accounts

A Ltd Company can stay on the register indefinitely, it doesn’t have to trade or have any money going through it, it can remain dormant if it suits you, for as long as you wish. You will however, every year have to adhere to you annual obligations, a confirmation statement and accounts need submitting to Companies House.

In place of trading accounts, if the company hasn’t done anything, you need to submit Dormant Accounts. Failure to file and have accepted dormant accounts or any accounts, leads to a fine issued by Companies House and grows incrementally with time. Avoid it, ask us to do it for you.

HMRC Nil Return

HMRC will be writing to you expecting you to be trading with the company. If the company hasn’t traded, we can let them know for you with a ‘nil return’ filed on your behalf at the same time as the Companies House accounts

Other annual obligation:

Confirmation Statement


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