Confirmation Statement

It is the responsibility of the Director's to make sure the public record of the company, kept at Companies House is up to date and accurate. To ensure this, annually, a filing called the Confirmation Statement is required to be completed to submitted to Companies House, in order to keep the records current.

Regardless of whether the company has been used/trading or not or the level or type of activity the company is involved in, it has to be done every year. Failure to do so results in the company being publicly struck off the company register by Companies House.

We can help and do this for you without you having to worry about it. Upon ordering, the public register will be updated within 24hrs (longer at the weekend).

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Other annual obligations:

Dormant Accounts – if the company is not trading

Trading Accounts – if the company is trading, call or ask us (click the "Chat with us" button at the bottom of your screen)


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We work with:

Companies House
Chamber of Commerce