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Do you need a Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary is someone who is nominated/hired to maintain your company's official records and legal returns

The Company Secretary function has no need for an involvement in the day to day operation of the company but should provide up-to-date advice and support for your directors. Though it is not a legal requirement to have one but can make your company look more complete, and also ensure responsibility for maintaining the official records of the company.

When registering your company you will be asked to provide Company Secretary details - you may have one lined up, this may be yourself or alternatively we here at Ltd Companies offer a Company Secretary Service.

What do you get with our Company Secretary Service?

  • Confirmation Statement (required by law) – completion and submission of form AR01 including Companies House fee.
  • Unlimited 'Change of Information' on your company’s structure, submissions to Companies House. Such as appointing a new Company Director, changing the share structure of the company, changing addresses, transfer of shares etc.
  • ✅ Providing company secretary certification signatures for all bank and other official forms when required.

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