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Questions Answered

I'm not trading yet, so do I have to do anything?

Registering the company but not yet ready to start using it or just want to secure the name? That’s absolutely fine. A company can stay not trading for as many years if you wish. To not lose the company however, you do still have to maintain it annually.

At the anniversary of your company’s incorporation, the following will have to be done: Accounts prepared and submitted, a Confirmation Statement will need filing and HMRC will need notifying of company performance. We can help with all of these, just ask and we’ll do it for you.

Can I use my personal bank account?

Ah .. no! Your limited company has to have its own business bank account.

The money moved into and out of the account will belong to the company. It is likely the customers you are invoicing will insist on paying into an account in the company name, not a personal one.
You can claim personal expenses spent from your personal bank account but company money needs to go in the company bank account that the directors manages for and on behalf of the company.

How long does everything take?

You'll need about 10 minutes to complete your comapny details. We then review them to make sure they seem correct, and then forward them for registration through our direct connections.

We'll receive and check everything to be able to send your registration to you, after just a few hours.

If you've asked us to get a bank account for you, then your sort code and account number can follow just a few minutes later, once we've informed your selected bank of your new registration details.
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